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Fan Replacement


Laptop Cooling Fan Replacement and Internal Cleaning Overhaul

Laptops suck in a lot of dust, hair and dirt. This causes the cooling fan to improperly cool your laptop, which leads to overheating. Excess heat can damage your CPU, motherboard, and hard drive. Most laptops are especially vulnerable, as the graphics processor (GPU) gets so hot that it desolders itself from the ball sockets on the motherboard.
Get your laptop’s internal cooling fan and fins cleaned so that you can restore full heat dissipation! WCS also replaces non-working or broken cooling fans. Heatsink compound, a substance between your CPU and heatsink, transfers heat from the chip to the heatsink. Old heatsink compound will be removed and new heatsink compound will be applied to your CPU/GPU cooling blocks.

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Laptop Fan Repair


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