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Laptop Hinge Replacement Service

A broken laptop hinge is irritating as well as a serious problem to say the least. Unfortunately hinges are not always easy to repair or replace on laptop computers. Some laptop hinges not only hold the LCD screen but they are also part of the overall structure of a laptop. Something as simple as a broken laptop hinge can mean the difference between a working and a nonworking laptop computer. It is important that you get the hinge replacement.

Laptop Hinge Repair Importance

With many brands hinges are an important part of a computers structure and prevent wear and tear on it’s internal video cables, route the webcam connections and guide the antennas of the internal wirless card. It is important to inspect your laptop hinges on a regular basis since they are prone to cracking and breaking entirely which may render your laptop useless.

Laptop Hinge Repair Process

Getting a laptop hinge repaired can be a long process if you send it back to the manufacturer or utilize the services of a big brand store. As a local computer repair company we order our parts direct and have them shipped the same day. Our certified computer technicians will promptly service your laptop, order your parts and repair your laptop computer hinge in a timely manner. We will advise you of the time frame required for your hing repair and call you when the job is done. We can schedule an appointment to pick up your laptop that works with your schedule or you may bring your laptop in to our shop. We service the entire greater Lowell area.
Laptop hinge replacement

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Laptop Hinge Repair


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